My rabbit doesn't drink water: Y?

Yesterday I bought a baby bunny (he is approximately 20 days old).

It has a very large cage and I take it out a lot to run around the house.

I bought her special food for rabbits, but I don't know why she doesn't eat :(. I'm

Very worried, all she has eaten is bread.

He doesn't drink water either, although I've given him a little with a syringe.

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It is very small! I imagine that with 20 days they will have separated him without more from the mother, and weaning is not done that way. It is done gradually and naturally, letting the bunny itself stop breastfeeding as it is eating more and more solid foods, until at approximately 2 months it only eats solid food.

It is as if a 2-month-old baby is separated from his mother and you put a plate of meat. Well the same.

If you have the option to take it again with your mother some cooler week, if you don't have to consider giving it a bottle ... it is not the most appropriate, but in Mercadona and other veterinary clinics they sell milk for kittens.

Go slowly getting him special feed for rabbits, and hay. For now do not put vegetables. You will put it little by little when you eat only solid, do it as you do with babies, every week you put a different one. So if one feels bad, don't give it to her anymore. For example, a very common mistake is to give lettuce, when rabbits don't feel good.

At the slightest sign that he may have diarrhea, running away with him: the rabbits can die within a few hours of dehydration.

I hope I've helped. and good luck to the little animal.

Thank you very much, today I will go get your milk.

Today, fortunately, he is eating more of his food and drinking solid water.

I hope to find a place where they sell cat milk.


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Ok first, rabbits do drink water. I do not know how many months you have, but the vegetables do not give them until you turn three months and that one by one to identify which ones feel good or bad. At the moment, hay (fodder) and I think baby.

In which you give water: bowl or drinker, if it is a drinking fountain, rub the pacifier with a piece of apple to try it and identify that water comes from there. If it is with a bowl, perhaps it is accustomed to the drinking fountain for being a store. While giving water, with a syringe, without a needle, to stay hydrated.

But you must always take the exotic veterinarian for an initial examination, deworming and if you are from Spain or Europe, to be vaccinated for myxomatosis and viral hemorrhage.