Oatmeal bath for dogs: benefits, how to make homemade oatmeal baths

Like us, dogs can have skin problems, such as dermatitis, dryness, allergies, itching, swelling or redness ... There are many topical diseases! On the other hand, parasites such as scabies also cause them a lot of skin damage. We tell you how to make an oatmeal bath for dogs, since oatmeal is an excellent home remedy that helps soothe the skin.

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Dogs often develop dry skin, as well as intense itching due to factors such as flea infestation, allergies, exposure to poison ivy, etc. You will know that your dog is itchy if it scratches, licking and chewing on its fur. Oatmeal has an excellent reputation among humans for its soothing ingredients. This raises the question, "is a good oatmeal bath bad for dogs?" This article takes a look at the benefits of, as well as how to make a homemade oatmeal bath for dogs.

Benefits oatmeal bath for dogs

Many pet owners bathe their dogs in oats to soothe the skin. This is because oatmeal has natural ingredients that benefit a dog's skin in several ways:

    Oatmeal relieves itchy skin and irritation in dogs: Perhaps the most popular use of oatmeal baths in dogs is to stop itching. According to, natural oatmeal has avenantram> Selling points oatmeal bath for dogs

An oatmeal bath is the cheapest way to get rid of itchy skin in dogs, while rehydrating the skin naturally.

One option is to buy commercial colloidal oatmeal product, such as Aveeno. Although intended to be used by humans, Aveeno is also beneficial and safe for use in dogs. It is made of oatmeal that has been premade for easy dissolution in water.

There are also numerous sprays and shampoos that include oatmeal as one of the ingredients. Some good examples of oatmeal dog shampoos are AvoDerm Natural Oatmeal Formula shampoo for dogs and cats Y Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense Shampoo.

You can buy these products at a pet store near you. You can also check the availability of these products at Petco, PetSmart, Wal-Mart and Amazon.

You can still use all uncooked oatmeal to make an oatmeal bath for your dog at home as explained in the next section.

Oatmeal Soak for dogs

  1. Pour 1 cup of whole oatmeal, uncooked in a blender or food processor. oatmeal> Rub oatmeal for dogs

An alternative to the former oatmeal bath for dogs is a disinfectant for oatmeal. This is ideal for dogs that get very nervous or uncomfortable if they are soaked in an oatmeal solution. As the name suggests, this method involves rubbing oatmeal on your dog's skin as opposed to your dog soaking in an oatmeal solution.

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  1. Mix ½ cup of each plain, raw oatmeal and water. Both instant and regular oatmeal will.
  2. The mixture is stirred until well mixed, with a sticky consistency.
  3. Transfer the mixture into a clean, gauze, or average old sock, then tie the ends tightly with a rubber band or thread.
  4. Apply warm water on your dog's skin and skin with the help of a cup or bowl.
  5. Rub the stuffed oatmeal cloth on your dog's skin with gentle circular motions. Pay attention to the area of ​​your dog's skin that seems to be particularly itchy.
  6. After 5-10 minutes of rubbing oatmeal in, rinse your dog's skin with a little warm water. Patting with a dry towel.

Epsom salt and dog oatmeal bath

Epsom salt is also beneficial for soothing itchy skin in dogs, as well as reducing the inflammation that often accompanies itchy legs, for example, due to fungal infection. Epsom salt also helps accelerate the healing process of open wounds, for example, from excessive scratching caused by allergies. To make an Epsom salt and oatmeal bath for dog itching and other problems, follow these steps:

  1. Fill a tub with warm water.
  2. Add 1 cup each of Epsom salt and earth (mixture) of oatmeal, then stir well to mix the ingredients thoroughly.
  3. Place your dog in the bathtub and apply the solution all over his skin.
  4. Avoid vert> Baking soda and oatmeal bath dog

Baking soda is also an effective remedy for itching in dogs. It works by balancing the pH of the skin. You can simply make a paste by mixing baking soda with water, then apply it on all your dog's skin. For an additional fire itching and rehydration action, however, you can mix baking soda and oatmeal in a bath as follows:

  1. For a cup of oatmeal, add 2 tablespoons of baking soda.
  2. Apply enough water to make a sticky paste.
  3. Massage the paste on your dog's coat, then let it dry naturally.
  4. Finally, comb your dog's fur gently with a suitable brush.

These dog oatmeal baths are not only effective but also very cost effective, not to mention easy to use.

Apple cider vinegar

Every house with dogs should have apple cider vinegar. It is a remedy with multiple uses for dogs: repel fleas, allergies, arthritis relief, establishing the appropriate pH balance.

Dose and directions:

  1. Start with a dose of a teaspoon mixed in your dog's food twice a day for a dog £ 50 (adjust accordingly in weight) and, if necessary, increase to about 1 tablespoon twice a day for the same dog size.
  2. For the application of the skin, you can spray or rub live apple cider, or by wounds or open ACV sore mixture with equal parts of water before applying the dog's skin.
  3. In the case of pests or parasites, bathe your dog and then apply a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water 50:50.
  4. Let your pet dry to kill fleas, ticks, ringworm, etc., and to prevent future infestations and / or infections.
  5. You can also spray your dog with apple cider vinegar before going for a walk, to repel fleas and ticks, of course.