Why is the human being the only animal that cries?

The answer is yes, the animals cry. Enrique Coupin, a French zoologist, determined many years ago that animals also cry when they suffer pain, fear, stress or sadness. The most frequent cause of crying in animals is the loss of protective contact, for example when a baby is separated from its mother, cries, groans, howls and is terribly restless and sad.

What is crying?

Crying is a manifestation of sadness and allows to release all the tension caused by the accumulation of emotions perceived at that time. However, it is also a message for the outside world. When a baby cries it is because he wants something, not just because he feels sad. It may be that something hurts, yes, but it can also cry from hunger or sleep or because it wants attention.

Why does crying occur?

In the case of animals, crying can occur for lack of protection, insecurity, abuse, loneliness, sadness or simply because they have dry eyes, as is the case with crocodiles or albatrosses (the albatross is a very large bird, similar to seagulls. For Disney fans, it is the Los Rescatadores plane), who cry after the ingestion of some dams, during the fights, in ritual dances or before eating.

Which animals are the most weeping?

Some of the animals that cry when they suffer are dolphins, who sigh and tear when they lose a relative, the seals, who cry like muffins when they are agitated or scared for any reason, or the otters, that when they separate from their young they cry of affliction.

Of the animals that cry for physiological needs, the seagulls stand out. These birds cry to remove salt from their body. When these birds drink water from the sea, a gland located at the top of each eye begins to secrete milky tears formed by water with excess salt. In this way, the seagulls purify the saline water they drink.

As we have seen, animals cry for physiological needs (eliminate toxins, moisten the eyes), to send signals outside (need for contact, in fights) and when they suffer pain. But nevertheless, the only animal that uses crying to express emotions (such as joy or sadness) is the human being.

Do we like politicians crying or not?

“People who cry seem moral and reliable. In general, we usually attribute little empathy to the powerful, so tears can improve the image of a prime minister, for example. But, on the other hand, we attribute weakness to people who cry. They give us an impression of emotional instability, perhaps even incompetence. Ultimately, our reaction to tears depends on the previous image we have of that person and the reason he cries, ”explains Professor Ad Vingerhoest.