Haircut Steps of a mini or miniature schnauzer

Today we are going to tell you how to do for him haircut for mini or miniature schnauzer. the materials what do you need, a brief study of the standard breed figure and its main features, steps for the schnauzer haircut, Besides the technique to perform in the body (head, trunk and limbs) and additional notes as advice when grooming.


The schnauzer, a breed delight, when you have a haircut as the standard requires, this small breed in question tend to resemble some grandparents.

The temperament of this pet is very affable, that is, it has a friendly and easy treatment. We can also observe the protective character that this pet shows.

About the haircut:

It should be borne in mind that for the arrangement of the Miniature Schnauzer it is advisable to know the basic techniques of dog grooming, such as the stripping technique.

Obviously, a good finish will be achieved as well as the scissors are handled in this type of case.

And above all, to do a good job, you need to know the quality and quantity, in addition to the type of hair with which the patient is.

Necessary materials

Now we focus on knowing what accessories to use in this type of work, namely, you can look deeply at each tool to know more about it. You can also buy it if you require it.

      La Carda: Very useful when removing knots or caked hair. It is frequently used in the arrangement of the miniature schnauzer. It is recommended to use it continuously in legs and beard, also in the places where you can see a pile of hair. Buy Carda.

    Cards Comb: This tool is widely used throughout this process, since it will help us remove hair at all times. Indispensable. Buy Comb

    Combs The Super Coat: In some cases it is necessary, and thinking about it, for the time the session takes, this instrument makes its appearance to solve many problems. With this we will remove the sub-hair, and also part of the coverage. Buy Rake

    Rake Rake Machine: For some cases such as on the cheeks or throat, the machine is used, with which we achieve an even shave. Buy Cutting Machine

    Cutting machines Scissors: Each scissor has its special use in this session. It is advisable to have a complete set. For example, to shape the legs the straight scissors will be essential, while with a scissor to sculpt we can remove volume. Buy scissors

    Dog grooming accessories

    Stripping blade: The main tool in this haircut procedure of a miniature schnauzer. With it we achieve broadly and continuously improve the appearance of our puppy. Buy blades.Buy blades.


In some cases you should also have a knife. It is not so necessary, but it can help to have a better finish yet.

Standard and figure of a schnauzer

We find that the morphology of this breed is of a muscular structure, it also has great strength.

  • In the head, Its structure is rectangular, usually flat, in some cases the eyebrow is left rectangular. Having the straight features the skull is taken as a long cube. It is necessary that the beard has volume and give a wider maxillary appearance.
  • The log, It is in this case, flat, the ribs do not have much hair, the standard requires not to leave skirts, but yes, the hair at the bottom is a little larger to give it a little more depth.
  • Legs as can be seen, the front legs are straight tubes, and on the contrary in the rear legs, angles should be accentuated, which highlights the knees.
  • Hair, This breed has a tight and short undercoat, while the covering hair is rough and hard. This requires a stripping and brushing job.

As we see, there are certain peculiarities in the breed that we must not pass up in order to do the best possible job. It really is a reward to have such a beautiful puppy with us.

Steps to cut the hair of a mini or miniature schnauzer

Here we present a small manual haircut for mini schnauzer, remember that a professional in dog grooming is an expert in what he does. This makes us think that only someone who has developed the necessary technique, based on effort and practice, can develop these works.

However, the skills can be worked and with great dedication we can get to do great works with our pets, in this case, the miniature schnauzer breed.

Here are the steps to perform this work:

1.- Hair diagnosis:

As a first step, to begin the session, is to know in what conditions the animal's coat is. It is, on this occasion, not only to see, but also to feel and notice under what conditions the hair is, maybe dry or dehydrated, maybe very hard or in the worst case with undesirable knots.

In this breed, mini schnauzers, many differences predominate, the quality we can find of hairs and their characteristics, they vary too much.

We have as a result dogs with a lot of sub-hair and others with an almost null one. While its legs may vary in this game, many some cases and little in others.

Of course, if we have more hair, this will give a very pleasant final result.

Schnauzer mini fur condition

2.- Undressed:

Very well, now that we have recognized the hair, the next step is, if the fur is caked or we find knots, we must use the card to begin in a gentle way.

You can see a more extensive article on how to untangle your pet's hair so you can develop a better technique.

3.- Stripping:

To perform this stripping technique, you can see more in that post where we talked extensively about that procedure.

However, we are going to tell you some essential things here.

First, there are countless accessories on the market to perform this method: a blade, the super-coat, or the famous stone for stripping.

We recommend doing the stripping session every 40 - 45 days, the hair regenerates and recovers a more vivid and strong color.

The hair of a schnauzer varies a lot, so this technique must be mastered to fix the hair in the way that is most convenient.

Stripping for mini body schnauzer hair

To carry out this step, it is necessary before, to meet the above requirements, in the event that the hair is in some way in poor condition. Thus we avoid bad smells and cakes with moisture.

To know how often it is necessary to wash this breed of dogs, then we must see that the legs are the most dirty along with the chin, while the body in rare cases becomes completely dirty.

A dog should bathe when necessary and not abuse it. Here we have a pet wash guide.

With a shampoo we can also give more vitality or moisturize as necessary.

As time, these first steps before the schnauzer haircut are essential to then carry out the primary stage, which is the cut.

Hair arrangement of a mini Schnauzer

To cut the fur of a mini schnauzer we will try to be as clear as possible. We will divide the work, between head, trunk and limbs. Well, the different jobs that have to be done on the animal's hair require it.

You have to be very meticulous in this regard, ensure that the session is as short as possible, that the dog does not bother, and make the expected cut. In the process you must be patient and know what is done.

Now we start with:

With regard to the body of the schnauzer we can differentiate the following areas to be worked:

Miniature Schnauzer body, strong and powerful

  • The loin: For this area it is recommended that the hair is not so short, so we will use our friendly stripping blade. Usually in the ribs it is also done in the same way. It's about the hair covering the skin well.
  • Chest: In the part of the chest, in the form of depth, the hair will be left a little longer, making the line from the ijar (near where the ribs end) increasing until reaching the elbows of the front legs. By no reason should be left skirt.
  • The tail: The tip should have a little shorter hair than at the base, as this will give an effect that the dog is slightly larger than normal.
  • Neck: The same effect as with the tail, hair slightly longer than in the body. The stripping blade will be used to renew the hair as often as required. This begins from the occipital part of the head to the scapula (where the shoulder begins).
  • Throat: As in the cheeks, the throat is shaved, with the machine and the appropriate blade for this work, however, you have to be very careful because it is a very delicate area, maybe it makes the dog nervous.

Then, following these indications we will achieve with a lot of practice to develop a professional work. Even make a competition cut.

On the legs (Tips)

For this breed there are differences in the haircut between the front and back legs:

  • Front legs: In the part of shoulder and front we should note that the schnauzer is a muscular dog, which helps to more easily form the look we should give with the cut, so we must keep the hair short, with special cu>Schnauzer Mini Grooming
    • Hind legs: In the same way, we emphasize the thighs regarding the dog's own bodybuilding. Of course it's about them looking strong and powerful. To join these thighs with the legs, a scissor is used to sculpt. And already in the legs, we must give way to define angulations and accentuate the curves. As the hair in this area is longer, we try that from the knee to the end of the leg the measure of hair is reduced. The same process in the nails.

    The legs are a very colorful area so here we must leave quality samples. If we make a mistake it will be difficult to remedy it if not until the next session.

    In the head we recognize several sectors. That is, we will divide the head into several types of work to be done.

    • The cranium: The stripping technique must be performed on the head. For this we will take the blade to tear the hair. We should not shave at this step. The standard requires leaving the skull flat, so we must make the middle hair shorter than the sides.
    • Ears: On the inside, what will be done is to shave, taking the machine and the number 10 blade, ridding the hair inside the ear. On the outside. What will be done is to pass the stripping blade. "Pulling" all the hair that is necessary. To then profile straight with a scissor.
    Example of eyebrow and beard cutting
    • Cheeks: Schnauzer cheeks must be shaved. In this case, the shaving area will be, from where the eye ends in the direction of the ear, then all that area that joins the neck. Eye that we should take only the cheek hairs, and not the beard.
    • Eyebrows: In this section, it is important to see in detail the colors of the eyebrow hair. In some cases you should choose only the desired color for the eyebrows, that is, if it is of another color it is removed, it is easily recognized with the hair around to not mix. The way to cut them is triangular, always in the outward direction, because that prevents the face from looking narrower. To renew the hair we will make a depilation of the longer hairs making them regenerate in a better and more colorful measure.
    • Beard: What is sought in the beard is to give depth and volume. It starts from the lower part of the eye, and is guided by the union of the lips. This beard should not extend beyond the width of the cheeks, thereby achieving an effect of square or straightness.

    The head is an essential point in this breed, as attention to detail separates professionals from amateurs.

    With this we have achieved the route by which we must make step when doing a grooming session to our schnauzer.


    This procedure is long and tedious, but very rewarding in the end. The main thing is to avoid irritating the dog. As long as we have patience and know the route to take, we can develop a better job.

    The correct technique is learned based on practice, so, in your first cuts without trying a lot of concentration. We do not want in any way that any dog ​​is harmed.

    Finally, a professional groomer, whom you find in a dog grooming salon, knows all these things and maybe more, since in his day to day, the experience he adds adds to improve his ability as a groomer.