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The best stage to start training the dog is undoubtedly when it is still a puppy. Stimulating their intelligence and abilities will help you in your adult stage as you will enjoy an educated and obedient dog for many years. We can begin to practice obedience with our dog when it is between 2 and 6 months of age, always without forcing it, with sessions of between 10 and 15 minutes.

Anyway and even if your dog is already an adult you will be able to teach him how to sit since it is a very simple order that you will achieve quickly if you have your dog at your fingertips and a handful of snacks or treats, you will also need some patience because you will have to repeat it on several occasions to remember it.

Discover how teach my dog ​​to sit step by step In this Animal Expert article:

During the training of a dog it is very important to use positive reinforcement as it improves the results and allows the dog to positively relate education, something very important. For this reason the first step will be make us with treats or snacks for dogs, available in any store. Choose the ones you like, preferably small in size.

Let him sniff and offer him a, It's time to start!

Now that you've tried a treat that you like and motivate you, let's start teaching you, grab another snack and store it in your fist, let him smell it without offering it: you've managed to get his attention and the dog is waiting to get his treat.

With the treat still in the fist, it's time to start advancing the arm over the dog as if we were traveling an imaginary line from its snout to the tail.

We will advance the fist with the gaze of the dog fixed on the treat, due to the linear path the dog will be sitting progressively. Once the dog feels we will reward him with treats, kind words and caresses, everything goes so that he feels loved!

Now we have achieved the first step that is to make it feel but there is the most difficult section to go: the constancy to relate the word to the physical interpretation. This way we can tell our dog that he feels without using the tour.

To achieve compliance with the order we must be patient and practice it every day, for this we will repeat the same process a few times before entering the word sit.

  • Example: Tarzan sit > Tour> Prize

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Basic obedience: Feel and come

A dog all right polite and controlled, it is a balanced and happy dog. The coexistence between dogs and humans has made our hairy Develop incredible capabilities to adapt to living together.

It is important teach dogs to obey and have proper behavior, and for this it is important to start early.

The education of a dog should begin in the first months of life, since puppies are more receptive and learn more easily. This does not mean that dogs adults may not learn, but it is much more difficult teach him to adult dogs that already have acquired customs that puppies They are developing.

The exercises today are valid for both puppies as for adult dogs, but we recommend being constant and have patience especially if your dogs are over a year old.

How to make your dog learn to sit

One of the basic orders for dogs Its the sit down. It is a order fundamental for good coexistence and behavior, as it will help us keep our control under control dog at all times and will make you understand that you must be still and calm.

  1. Without speaking he moves a prize located in front of his nose up and back
  2. Repeat the previous movement giving the order: sit, sit down, sit just before the move
  3. When done well, repeat the process without the dog being able to see the food before sitting down.
  4. Once you have mastered the previous steps try to take only the order without performing hand movement.

Remember there dogs who learn faster and others who need some more insistence.

If the dog jumps to try to catch the prize, lower the hand and bring the prize to his nose.

If the dog moves back, draw it towards you with the help of the prize. If the dog still goes backwards, try to place yourself at his side instead of in front since this posture will be less threatening.

Don't press your hips or try to sit by force. That way you will only get him to try to get up harder and you could hurt him.

When teaching this or any other order, keep in mind that distractions make learning difficult. You must go step by step and ensure that the environment in which you teach it is quiet. It is advisable to start at home and then try on a busy street and end up doing it in a park full of distractions.

The order "COME"

For teach your dog to come when you call it there is a exercise Basic that runs in two simple steps.

  1. Take advantage when your dog goes to you to give the order: "come". This will allow you to associate the order with the action you are taking. Once he arrives, he rewards his behavior and caresses while you speak to him in an affectionate tone.
  2. Motivate it with a prize or toy that you like very much. Show it while you give the order "come" and when it complies it rewards your behavior with the snack or toy. Once you have cog>What to doWhat not to doReward your behavior every time you go to the call or fulfill an orderDo not try to give an order if your dog is distracted by smelling or playing. I may fail and feel frustrated.Use a cheerful tone, receive it from squatting or run in the opposite direction to encourage it to follow youDo not use the "come" order to call when you have to go home. It is better to go for it and avoid associating the order at the end of the walk.Let the dog move away and move freely once it has comeDo not quarrel for not going to the first or late to go. Remember that you get more by stroking than barking.

My dog ​​does not obey me

There are times that dogs They are not able to learn these orders easily. Do not get frustrated or angry with your furry, not all dogs They are equal.

As we have seen before, it is much easier for a puppy but there are still difficulties that only a professional can solve. If this is your case, do not hesitate to contact a good canine trainer.

The figure of trainer manage to tackle negative behaviors and will give you and your pet guidelines so you can learn and live in the best way.