Three ways to help stray animals

Did you know every year up to 25,000 dogs are abandoned in Spain? And ... did you know that during Easter Week the cases of animal abandonment increased by 40%? It's horrible! Unfortunately, today there are many people who are not aware of the rights and welfare of animals. If you are not one of those and would like to help these abandoned dogs, we are very happy! We tell you different ways to make these animals have a second chance to be happy.

Do not buy, adopt

Who has never heard this phrase? It is undoubtedly one of the most repeated among animal advocates. But it is much more than a mere slogan! Really: if you buy, you will be encouraging animal exploitation and making a few profit only by the fact of raising "breed" dogs.

Even though In some communities, dogs, cats and other animals are no longer allowed to be displayed in store windows as if they were products, the tendency to buy pets is still very large in our country. Many people go to hatcheries and spend up to thousands of euros for an animal with "pedigree", while shelters are still full of abandoned animals that are equally fit, but they are not taken into account because they are mestizos.

If you adopt, you will be giving a second chance to an animal full of love. Remember: There is no better pedigree for a dog than being happy with a family!

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Sterilize your pet

When we put a pet into our home, Your safety, well-being and happiness are our responsibility. That is the key: you should not have a pet if you are not willing to be a responsible owner.

One of the main reasons that there are so many abandoned dogs are unexpected litters. Think about it: imagine you have an unsterilized dog and get pregnant without planning it. What are you going to do with 3, 4, 6, or maybe even more puppies? It makes no sense to give a dog a good life if you are going to leave 6 later, right?

Sterilize your pet! If you do not want to do it because it makes you excited that your dog has offspring, you must commit to caring for those puppies during the first weeks (which is not easy, although we can help you) and to find them all a family.

You can be a shelter

If you want to live the experience of having an animal at home, but you cannot commit to it being permanent, you can become a foster home and make temporary adoptions. When the protectors do not give enough to the amount of animals they have, they ask for help from the foster homes, They take care of some animals (sometimes several) until they find a definitive home.

If you want to do, Talk to your nearest pet shelter and they will inform you about the process to follow. In addition, we also have an article on the subject!

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Feel free to report

If you witness or know of a case of abandonment or animal abuse, Don't shut up! You can do it easily and anonymously, there are even mobile applications for it.

When animals can't defend themselves, it's up to us to do it for them! So do not hesitate, in any way, help the animals that need you. Little by little we will end the abuse and animal abandonment among all. You sign up?

In an ideal world, all pets would have a home. However, the number of dogs and cats that inhabit the streets increases day by day.

The irresponsible possession, uncontrolled reproduction, lack of information, the increase of clandestine breeding grounds, among other reasons, have made the number of dogs and cats that live in the streets increase in certain places of the world.

The best way to contribute to helping stray animals is to be a responsible owner, sterilizing your pet to avoid unwanted puppies and supervising it at all times so that it does not roam the streets. Now, we show you three other ways in which you could help those puppies that, due to lack of luck, have no owner:

1. Be a volunteer: there are many organizations that are constantly looking for people who want to help and be part of information, rescue, castration or adoption campaigns. You can be part of this by donating a little of your time. Make sure it is a responsible organization.

2. Say no to clandestine hatcheries: avoid buying animals at all costs. When you want a new dog or cat member in your family, keep in mind that you can adopt an animal without a house. The street puppies are very grateful.

3. Help lost dogs: when you see a disoriented dog on the street, help him find his owner. You can take photos and use social networks to make your own search campaigns.

Adopt an abandoned dog

It is impossible to take care of them all, but Why not adopt one? Think that not only will you return the joy of living, but you will also leave room for another dog to take its place in the Protective. True, it is a bit sad to say this, but it is much better that I end up in a Protectora (and not a kennel) to continue living on the street.

The difference between a Protectora and a kennel is that in the second the dogs that enter have an average of 15 days to find family. If at the end of that period they have not succeeded, they are sacrificed. In the Protectoras they stay with the animals until they find a home.

1. Adopt a friend

"There are thousands of cats and dogs waiting for a family to give them a home: puppies and adult animals prepared to adapt to our lives," says Alejandra Mier

The best way to help homeless animals is to adopt them. In the protectors there are many great cats and dogs with exceptional character. But there are people who still think that an abandoned animal has a problem and in reality, in most cases, there is no more dilemma than having fallen into an irresponsible home.

Thousands of dogs and cats expect a family in animal protectors throughout Spain and municipal collection centers. But many do not know how to adopt or even that option exists. It is important to know that there are puppies in search of home, that an adult animal can adapt perfectly to our lives or that the fact that an animal is looking for family does not mean that it has problems, it can happen only that someone did not want it or could not continue to have it.

Adopting is also part of the solution to achieve responsible tenure throughout society and reduce the terrible abandonment rates of our country. And, above all, we will make the victims, the abandoned animals, find a home.

Contribute objects

Do you have objects or other types of equipment that your dog no longer needs? Take them to the Protectors, They need many things! Beds, blankets, feeders, veterinary medicines, and especially food.

Help abandoned dogs to be happy.

3. If you have money, sponsor a homeless animal

And if you have financial resources, but you are short on time, you can also help homeless animals. There are several ways to collaborate with the protectors, and all of them are essential to improve the life of these dogs and cats so that they find a home. Become a partner or sponsor of an animal or buy feed and other materials so necessary for the centers.

4. Be a foster home

Being a shelter for homeless animals is a very important solidarity option for dogs and cats, and that can help when someone can't adopt. Many associations, and in the case of La Protectora, take care of all the animal's expenses until they leave the family: food, accessories and veterinary expenses included.

6. Also give mops or microwaves!

There are many ways to help homeless animals, in addition to adopting: being a foster home, making donations (economic or material) and volunteering

But also in these centers less obvious objects are needed, among them, cleaning materials, like mops and bleach, and of maintenance, from flanges to small tools, in addition to elements of first aid kit and even small appliances, such as microwaves.

And there are still more ways to help: print material for dissemination of adoptions, support food collection or help attract partners.

7. In search of veterinarians and solidarity educators

In addition to the more general volunteers, solidarity assistance from people with training in animal care and psychology is key. Having supportive veterinarians is essential, but also looking for assistants to make cures.

And now, in addition, what the protectors most need are positive ethologists or animal educators, to recover animals with fears or behavior problems.

8. Use the Internet to make animals visible

Social networks are a great showcase for homeless animals, but it is also somewhat saturated. The important thing is that adoption ads that are shared or believed to have certain basic information: between them, the city where it is, the way of contact and the conditions in which it is delivered. "In my experience, it is also essential to be honest about the animal's needs or problems and offer other relevant information, such as how much we believe it will grow, for example." says Alejandra Mier.

9. Flee from puppy farms

The love for animals is little compatible with the sad tendency to use puppies as if they were objects to use and throw away. And this is what the so-called breed puppy farms encourage. Many of these facilities breed dogs used to breed, without care, with poor food and without affection or proper veterinary surveillance.

"We had seen terrible facilities of puppy farms through the Internet in other countries, but seeing it a few kilometers from our house was very impressive. Finding a puppy farm in Asturias set us up: we took the facilities and transformed them. We also take care of the 43 dogs that lived badly in the place, many of them still looking for an adoption house. This new home for animals that we have managed to create is called Happy Dog, "says Mier.

10. And remember (and repeat): adopting is cool

Adopting is a great option when you want to increase the family with an animal member. And this message must reach the general public. "If you have social networks, from the computer everyone can help and find a way to reach those who do not arrive and still buy instead of adopting," proposes the secretary of La Protectora.