Difference between snake and snake

They are used interchangeably to refer to a single animal, but the reality is that there are differences between them.

Snakes belong to the reptile family, they have no legs but an elongated body. While the vipers are part of the snake family and these are venomous!

We are going to leave you an example of a viper. Is the Atheris hispida, whose eyes and leaves pretend to be leaves, so it is camouflaged in its surroundings, that is, along the west coast of Africa.

The Atheris hispida It has a large, wide and often triangular head because it stores the salivary glands that produce and store the poison. His big round eyes? With vertical pupils? They help you locate prey when the light is dim. His tongue, which perceives heat, serves to sniff its prey.

Its fangs are longer than those of common snakes because it feeds on amphibians, lizards and rodents, but also snails and snakes.

The world of snakes

To understand what a snake is, we must first understand what the snake world is like. Snakes are animals that they are part of the reptile group, although they do not have limbs because the scales present in the ventral area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir skin are used for displacement.

There are great diversity of snakes that are ordered through the following classification used scientifically:

So far we can conclude that snakes are a animal kingdom suborder, in which, we differentiate different families.

What are snakes?

To talk about snakes is to talk about the family of Collubrids, in fact, most snakes Existing are part of this family, which is home to approximately 1800 species. The family of the Collubrids It is formed by numerous harmless and medium-sized species, such as the European water snake or the ladder snake, however, some snakes are poisonous (although they do not have a deadly poison) and have teeth located at the back of the oral cavity.

Yes we must highlight a snake known as the Cape Tree Snake, whose bite can be fatal to man, being one of the few species that involves such danger. You can see it in the photo below.

We can appreciate common characteristics in the family of Collubrids, such as the size, which usually ranges between 20 and 30 centimeters and the head, which is covered with large scales.

What is a snake and what is a snake?

To clarify this usual confusion in a practical way, we can conclude that all snakes are snakes, but not all snakes are snakes, since the group of snakes is home to other different families, such as the family of elpids (cobras, coral snakes, mambas and sea snakes) or the family of vipéridos (vipers and crótalos).

Snakes are a subgenus of the animal kingdom, while snakes are one of several families that make up the large group of existing snakes.

Are you interested in the world of snakes?

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