How to remove bad breath from dogs

My dog's breath smells bad! Halitosis in dogs may be more common than you think, in fact It is a problem that can come from many different causes, both oral and non-oral. But how to remove bad breath from dogs? What can be done to improve the situation?

If your dog smells bad breath, you should go to the vet to determine the cause, as it may or may not be associated with a major problem. But we will help you reduce the smell with a few tips that you can practice at home.

Bones for dogs

Some of the prizes and edible toys for dogs have a refreshing taste, in addition to helping reduce bacterial plaque, since the dog wears it by biting them. If your dog has tartar, it is an excellent option to consider as part of their oral hygiene, you will find bones of different sizes, look for the most appropriate for your dog.

Apple vinager

This vinegar, which almost everyone has in our kitchen, It is an excellent natural antibacterial. It will help clean your mouth and body.

You can make him eat it by pouring a few drops in his water or food, or use it by impregnating gauze to clean his teeth.

The freshness of chlorophyll It will help fight the bad smell of your dog's mouth. You can give chlorophyll capsules, sold in herbalists, or resort to other foods that contain it, such as parsley, spirulina, mint ... Your dog will have a fresher mouth than ever!

Digestive herbs

Parsley, rosemary, thyme, cumin, oregano and other herbs have many digestive properties that can help your pet digest its food better and prevent gas.

If your dog has infections or wounds in the mouth, inflammation of the gums, pharyngitis ... use propolis! It is an excellent natural complement created by bees with a great antiseptic and antifungal power.

Did you know that aloe vera can also take care of us inside? The juice of this plant has lots of benefits and can also be eaten. If you buy in the natural aloe vera herbalist, you can add it to your dog's meals or give it directly and it will help a lot to reduce bad breath.

Coconut oil

100% natural coconut oil can be an excellent toothpaste, since It is antibacterial, neutralizes odors and ends with tartar. You can add it to your food, but it will be even more effective if you brush your teeth by impregnating gauze in oil, since the action is more direct.

You already know how to remove bad breath from dogs with natural products at home. Did you know that all these elements could help you? Remember that You should always ask your veterinarian for advice and follow their recommendations.