How to find a lost dog


Losing your dog is a hard and distressing situation, especially if you live in a state where animal sacrifice is allowed. For this reason we recommend that you act quickly and firmly to prevent something bad from happening to you.

In Expert Animal we want to help you find your beloved pet, for that reason we will share with you some steps that every owner who has lost a dog should follow. Keep reading to know how find a lost dog And don't forget to comment and share your pet's photo. Good luck!

Search in the area where it has been lost>

Try to remember The last place you saw your dog for the last time (or that you have proof of) and start combing the area. To speed up the search you can go by bicycle. Ideally, ask a group of friends or family for help for greater effectiveness. Do not forget Scream their name, could be hidden.

Go with treats, a sound toy that identifies as yours and even a familiar dog. Family and positive stimuli can help you perceive. Ask the people you meet if they have seen a dog of certain characteristics. A photo on your mobile can help you.

Share it in the social media

To start you must share the news of your dog's disappearance on your twitter and facebook profile (without privacy) so you can reach everyone. Indicate some personal details such as your name, photograph, area in which it was lost. Then you must ask to share your post.

In addition to your own profiles, you can continue posting to groups of lost dogs in your city, abandoned animal groups or forums where regular posts are observed.

Call the animal shelter

Contact the kennel or the nearest animal shelter to see if your dog has arrived there. Explain how your dog is in detail, leave your phone, and most importantly: ask them to take note ofchip number.

If you are not lucky you can continue contacting other more distant shelters. Sometimes dogs can travel huge distances.

Think of places you could go to

Have you lived anywhere else? Is it an adopted dog? If you have answered any of these two questions with a "Yes", ask yourself another: Where do you think he would go?

Try to think of all the possible places your dog would go if he could. Do not underestimate their ability to orient themselves, some dogs have come to travel up to 20 kilometers to their destination.

Hang up posters

Prepare posters to hang in the area where you last saw your dog. Do not forget to add the following information:

  • A photograph of the dog
  • The name of the dog
  • A short description
  • Your name
  • Two contact phones

Don't forget that a reward can incentivize Somebody help you find your dog.

Search your home

Although it seems obvious, this is the first step you must take to find your dog.

Ask your family members. It is possible that someone has taken you for a walk or is sleeping in your room.

If it doesn't work, use something that appeals to your pet, such as your favorite treat or that food that you like so much. Surely it comes out of hiding.

If it still does not appear, look in unlikely places. Scared dogs can hide in impossible places.

Go to veterinary clinics

Especially if it has fallen into the hands of a kind person, your dog may end up in a veterinary clinic. Do not forget go with the poster and leave the information there in case your dog appears. Remember that, in principle, the veterinarian should call you if he does the chip reading and does not identify the customer as the owner.

Get your attention

If you are wondering how to find a lost dog in the field or anywhere else, you should know that you should not stop calling him by his name. The more you call him, the more likely he is to hear your call.

You should also carry your favorite treats to get the attention of your nose. Similarly, leave your toys or some of your clothes at the door of the house. This will allow you to identify your home.

If you still can't find him.

Do not lose your nerves, we recommend that you review the entire process again. Visit shelters, kennels and clinics again: your dog may appear from one moment to another.

Take advantage of the reach of social networks and try to be original and create a video or publication that can go viral. If you see that it doesn't work, you can always pay a small amount to reach more people.

We wish you good luck and find your best friend soon!

If you find your dog.

We hope you finally find your dog and, if so, do not forget to follow these tips:

  • Put an identification chip with your updated mobile and contact data.
  • Use a physical badge on the dog's collar showing the name of the animal and your contact phone number.
  • Do not let him loose in parks and public spaces if you think he can escape again.
  • Work education with him to prevent this from happening again.
  • Watch and stay tuned during the walks.

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Why do dogs run away or lose?

Dogs are very curious and impulsive animals, sometimes they just find a trail and they get lost trying to follow it. Other times their impulses can with them when the zeal arrives.

These are the main reasons why a dog runs away from home, or simply gets lost while taking a walk with his family.

The heat cycle

Both males and females suffer greatly during the heat cycles, that's why we always recommend castration since in addition to preventing many diseases, it prevents dogs from having bad times during heat.

A dog can have two or three jealousy a year, during which it gives off a very characteristic smell that makes male dogs feel highly attracted.

A male will try to escape from home and find the smell of the female to follow her trail, locate her and try to mate. The same will be done by females, which during the end of the callous cycle feel a strong impulse to procreate.

Despiste with smells and games

The most developed sense in a dog is its smell, so they spend the day sniffing things and trying to follow traces of other dogs, animals or people.

It is not strange either to see them follow the food trail that is on the ground, especially if we walk through towns or cities. If we add to this that they love to play with anything like a stick, we have the perfect combination of cluelessness.

The owners are also partly to blame, since we trust ourselves thinking that our dog is attentive to us and will know how to find us ... something that often doesn't happen. Above all, if we are walking through new places, mountains, mountains ...

Hunting instinct

It is not the first time that a dog runs faster than lightning, trying to chase something that has seen moving, from a simple mouse to a cat, a bird or something that catches your attention.

Sometimes his hunter instinct is so strong that even if we call him he will ignore us, so he may very likely end up lost or disoriented when he decides to stop chasing his prey.

Run away from your family

Dogs are faithful, they are loyal but they are also intelligent. A person who does not take care of his dog, who does not take her for a walk, who does not worry about him, who does not care to eat him or even has him tied to a chain all day ... ... does not deserve to have a dog .

A dog that has a high average intelligence and is being mistreated, sooner or later will try to find a better home, if necessary, fleeing.

My dog ​​is lost What do I do?

Yes, we know you are nervous and about to go into "hysteria mode", but don't lose your temper because then you won't know how to find a lost dog.

We will explain everything you need to do step by step, to increase the chances of recovering your dog safe and sound. Remember that time is essential, finding our dog during the first forty-eight hours is our goal.

Notify the security forces

It may seem absurd but we often miss the most important of all, let the police know that our dog has been lost. In this way, if they see it they will know that it is lost and they will be able to notify us.

Likewise, if someone finds a lost dog and notifies the police, kennel or animal guard, they can contact us. Especially if our dog has the mandatory microchip.

Use the new technologies

There are trackers that can tell us exactly where our dog is in case it gets lost. They are GPS locators of small size that fit perfectly to the dog's collar, without causing any damage.

These GPS locators will give us the exact position of where our dog is, so it will be a matter of very little time to get to the place where he is and return with him home.

Tractive is possibly the leading company in the field of GPS for dogs, offers several models of GPS locators for high quality dogs at reduced prices, so they have become the main option in the sector.

They can be recharged with a simple charger, so we should not be buying and changing batteries. They are resistant to water, so they do not spoil if it rains or the dog gets wet in a puddle and also, it is very very small, it hardly weighs forty grams.

Do not leave the place where you are

That's right, stay right where you are and call him by his name out loud, shouting if necessary for as long as necessary.

When dogs get lost they usually try to follow their own trail, trying to return the same way. They usually think of the last place they were accompanied and there is a good chance they will pass by.

If you cannot stay in that place for whatever reason (for example, look for your dog in the area), leave someone known for the dog in that place. Call the dog and wait for him in the same place.

Watch the door of your home

The same instinct that we have mentioned can make the dog run to a place where he feels safe, that is, his home. That is why there are many dogs that when they get lost, they follow known smells until they get home.

It is very important that you leave a friend or relative at the door of the house, watching and waiting in case your stray dog ​​returns.

Ideally, both the person who is in the last place, and the person at the door of the house (yes, we must wait outside the house not inside), are communicated by phone to notify if they see the dog.

Go around the area where it has been lost

Leave one person in the last place, another person at the door of the house and you, along with all the friends you can gather, make a whisk in the area where your puppy has been lost.

Call him by his name in a friendly way, as if you were going to give him a prize, food, etc ... That way he will be attracted if he hears you and will come to the call. If he is a scary dog, only known people look for him because he will not want to approach strangers.

Search for other nearby dogs

It is possible that the reason why our dog has been lost is because he is in heat or is curious to meet a dog that lives relatively close.

Go to areas where there are more dogs, such as neighboring houses, dog parks, nearby farms, etc ... in case your dog has gone there and they have seen it (don't forget to ask).

Put the chip on your dog

In any veterinary clinic you can put a chip on your dog, it is economical and lasts a lifetime. In many countries, it is even completely mandatory.

The Chip is put through an injection, it does not hurt and will leave in your dog all contact details in case it is lost.

If someone finds the dog and passes him a chip locator (something that the police, animal protectors, veterinarians do ...) he will know who the dog is from and can return it.

Use a GPS locator

If you are a hunter or your dog is an expert escapist, if the dogs are in heat or simply want to prevent instead of regretting…. Use a GPS locator with your dog.

Its price is so low, that you will surely spend more on a single meal with friends ... So you have no excuse, be prepared and equip your dog with a GPS tracker to be able to locate it in seconds, in case of loss.

It will be enough to put it next to its leash / collar and ready, your dog will be located at all times and will even notify you of an alarm on your mobile if it moves too far (you can configure this option, putting the meters you think appropriate).

We have a lot of experience locating lost dogs and believe us, no dog with GPS has been lost because with our mobile phone we can locate its exact position.

Make good use of the walking belt

There are leashes of half a meter and leashes of five meters, if your dog is in heat or you know he will escape…. use a leash to go for a walk and don't let him loose. It is the best way to avoid getting lost.

Above all, we insist, in the season of heat. Because dogs become very instinctive and literally run away in search of a dog or dog to mate with. That implies if you are not neutered, they could have puppies….

Castrated dogs from one year of age barely show these impulses, the older castrates will take a few years to completely eliminate testosterone and avoid those impulses.

Reasons why dogs steal

In most of the cases behind a canine robbery is the economic motive, and the main victims of the robbery are the dogs of breed, although in reality it can be any dog ​​since the people who are robbed consider their dog practically of the family and pay anything to get it back. If the dogs are of breed and have a certificate, this pedigree has value in the streets whereby thousands of pesos can be obtained with little effort. Here are the reasons why someone can steal a dog, from the most common to the least:

Someone could steal a dog in order to sell it.
The theft of the dog can be simply to take possession of him.
A dog can be robbed with the plan to collect his reward.
It can be stolen with the idea of ​​asking for an amount of money to return with its owners (extortion).
Dogs can be stolen for crossbreeding purposes to get puppies that can be sold more easily.
Steal dogs for fighting circles, commonly dogs of breeds that have an aggressive reputation such as pit bulls, Boston terriers, German shepherds and boxers.
Sometimes relatives or annoying neighbors steal a dog to get rid of him somewhere.
There is also the possibility that people sell stolen and lost dogs for research to veterinary institutions for testing and experimentation.

How do dogs steal?

Thieves set their target on certain dog breeds of value in the market, and are always on the hunt in any place where a pet is left unattended such as shops, parks, yards, cars, parked, etc. They may also have a previous plan to steal it from a particular address, for example when they know that their owners are missing.

Lately some people pretend to be caretakers or dog walkers, but they are criminals. That is why we must verify the reputation and references of these service providers before leaving our beloved puppies with them.

And more and more often there are organized gangs dedicated to committing dog theft, because it is a lucrative business, little denounced and little persecuted by the authorities. These types of bands act more unpunished, even committing armed robbery and in the street.

Tips to find a stolen dog

Do not specify the amount of the reward

Actually, if the person who has your puppy wants to return it they will do it if you put the amount of the reward or if you only say that you offer a reward. Offer a reward for any information that leads to the recovery of your pet, because obviously putting that reward is offered help as people will feel more stimulated and gratified if there is a reward in between, but do not put the amount. Besides putting a high reward can attract extortion and scams.

Don't put what you think was stolen

Because the person who took the dog might want to return it but being publicly exposed as a thief simply will not appear and with it your puppy.
And if someone simply found your dog, they won't want to return it for fear they might think he is the thief and when in fact he was the one who rescued him. In short it is to use an ad as if the dog was lost and not that it was stolen.

Don't use the words "no questions", "I'm desperate" or the like

These types of messages are demonstrating anyway that if your pet was stolen and on the other hand when showing despair it is a sign for abusive people that they can make an extortion.

Search your dog using Facebook

Facebook is the most effective and fastest way to make the world known about your stolen dog (although it should be put as lost remember). We can help you find your puppy through a Facebook Advertising that broadcasts in the area where it was stolen or where you know it was last seen.


On Wednesday x around 6.30 pm, my puppy was stolen and not returned, I looked for him, and nothing about my puppy is small white male and is called plush, we live in Bethlehem of Heredia x the Panasonic in the neighborhood Future in the fourth entry on the left hand side. Please return it to me since he is one more son of us, he is part of the whole family.

The despair of losing your pet

For a good time, Dogs used to get lost during walks or escape from houses for different reasons, which meant a big problem for the population. There was no simple way to find our dog quickly And simple.

This went on until we reached the first breakthrough in how to detect when a pet was lost: a bellor rattle. This object placed on the collar emitted a sound that guided the possible direction in which the animal was.

While the development of this idea was an advance in this matter, It was not entirely effective. The problem was that the sound was lost over great distances and the dog, being able to run faster than the human, tends to mark a great distance between its owner when running.

Technological advances

From the 80s, with the arrival of better technologies and advances in medicine, It was rehearsed with microchip technology to be implanted in pets.

Microchip It was intended to keep the legal data of the pet, along with its medical history to prevent any accident at the veterinarian in case of being rescued.

Further, the possibility of incorporating GPS tracking technology to find your dog faster was being tested. The technology was incorporated, but it was too delicate and fragile to carry in the daily work that a dog could exercise during the day.

As well, the cost of applying the first microchips was quite high, compared to the regular plates that are still used today. As time progressed, technology perfected and became less expensive for the owners of all economic strata.

The mobile generation

Thanks to the development of technology in the last 10 years, object creation and gadgets has advanced with incredible speed. Our mobiles now have more power compared to the computer on board an Apollo program spacecraft.

We have great data processing and storage power at our fingertips. This is why there are applications or apps, which are responsible for processing or executing these applications in a certain way.

Most of these applications are used as social networks, that is, a group of users sharing information constantly. In these networks the information of the animal is placed next to a photo of the dog to speed up the proliferation of the information.

Even, some use the same GPS technology to track the last place where it was seen. Other applications use the same facial recognition technology to identify the animals that circulate in the area.

Applications to find your dog

Definitely, we are living in an era where information is transmitted quickly and almost instantaneously, where we saturate ourselves with options to find our pet. This is why we bring you some suggestions to find your dog if it is lost.

It is a very popular application that It lets you know the traffic situation while traveling the city with your car. Sounds a bit strange, but this app have an option to find ‘lost dog’ In one of his eyelashes.

The users this appThey can find animals anywhere, take photos and upload them to the social network to help both owner and pet gather. The scope of this search covers about six kilometers, not bad to be honest.

I'm lost

It is an application dedicated to the Spanish public, in which the user can upload a photo of their pet to the social network of the app. The reason for its creation is due to the fact that 75% of the animals in the city do not have an identification chip, which is why it assists to find their owners effectively.

Looking for footprints

It is an application of Argentine origin that use the Google Maps database to locate lost pets. Using personal contact information, and the Facebook record, the app You can filter posts between 1 and 100 kilometers around.

It is an application that, like the previous one, Use Google Maps data. In it you can upload a photo of the animal and payments can be offered as a reward through a service called MangoPay.

Follow in his footsteps

Check the stool or footprints you may have left in your path. And of course, don't leave any place without checking how strange it is. Animals can hide anywhere.

Use your car and trace routes from the closest to the furthest so that there are no uncovered areas.

Neighbors, protectors and veterinary clinics

Do not hesitate to ask your neighbors for help. They may have seen your pet leave the house or know some information that may be important to find his whereabouts. In addition, they can help you with the search tasks.

On the other hand, notify the protectors of the area of ​​the loss of your dog. This way they will be alert to the dogs that arrive at the shelter and can deploy personnel to help you find it.

It is also important that you notify veterinary clinics if your dog has a chip, since the person who finds him may take him to one of them to know if he has an owner.

It is essential that you report the disappearance of your dog to the Police. They will let you know if someone finds it.

Mandatory microchip

In Spain it is mandatory that all dogs be identified by a microchip that includes updated owner data. When a dog is found, this microchip is scanned and allows the animal to be identified, in addition to contacting its owners quickly and directly. Therefore, how to find a lost dog with a microchip will be much easier.

Identification plate

A useful element when identifying your dog is to place a plaque on the collar with his name and your phone number. If someone finds it, they can contact you directly.

In the market there are versions that incorporate a GPS that can be operated from the mobile phone. This way you will receive the immediate signal of the place where your pet is.

Never stop looking for it

It is difficult to know how long a missing dog can be because it can survive many months away from home. For a long time and even if you have lost any hope, never stop looking for your best friend. He would never stop doing it.

If you follow all these tips, how to find a lost dog will cease to be an impossible question to answer. Cheer up!

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