How much does an elephant weigh?

The elephant is one of the most beautiful beings we can find on our planet. We can distinguish two types of elephants, the one that lives in Africa and the one that lives in Asia. Its main difference is the size, since Africans are larger than Asians, in addition to having two large fangs that come out of their mouth.


African elephants can weigh between 6 and 7 tons in the case of males and females about 3 tons, while their babies at birth already weigh about 100 kg and are completely independent, although they remain in pack. Since this is the average weight, it is not uncommon to find elephants that in adulthood exceed it and even by far, reaching copies that exceed 11 tons.

On the other hand, Asian elephants are smaller than their brothers in Africa and their average weight when reaching adults is 5.5 tons in males and 2.8 tons in females.

Elephants are very familiar animals and even come to mourn their dead.

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The weights of the African elephant and the Asian elephant

The first thing we should know is that they exist two species of elephants With different qualities. Although the two are respectively the largest animals on their continents, there are some differences between African and Asian elephants, and in this case we will talk about the size of both, starting with knowing that the Asian elephant is smaller than the African one:

  • The Asian elephant reaches 2 meters high and until 5 tons of weight.
  • The African elephant reaches 3.5 meters high and can weigh between 4.5 and 6 tons.

It is no coincidence that elephants are part of the five greats of Africa because they are truly extraordinary animals, both outside and inside.

How would you weigh an elephant without a scale?

One possible solution was to get an elephant on a ship and see how far it sank. We would mark the reference. To know the weight we would start putting sandbags and sandbags of a certain weight until the ship reached the reference marked. And you, how would you weigh it? Leave us your comment with your solution!

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How much does an adult elephant weigh?

If you've ever wondered what the weight of an elephant, you will be interested to know that african elephants, the largest of its kind, can reach 7,500 kilos in adulthood while those asian elephants they can weigh around 5,000 kilos Likewise, African elephants are larger than Asians: the former measure between 2.5 and 4 meters, while the latter measure between approximately 2 and 3.5 meters.