Treatment of conjunctivitis in cats

This redness of the eyes and the appearance of this infection can be due to multiple factors, some of them due to viruses or infections that are in the air, others can be transmitted from one infected cat to another or for other issues.

When we notice that our cat has irritated eyes, in addition to secreting the typical conjunctivitis substance, it is time to know how to treat conjunctivitis in cats, in order not to aggravate the problem. Remember that the most serious thing that can cause our pet is blindness.

How to treat conjunctivitis in cats?

It is very important to know how to treat the symptoms and the disease in order to make our cat feel better and can have an excellent recovery.

Here are some tips we should keep in mind regarding this disease:

1. Vet: first of all, when we notice the appearance of conjunctivitis we must take our cat to be seen and treated by a specialist. On this occasion, the veterinarian will evaluate our pet and give us the treatment that is required and necessary.

2. Avoid getting hurt: another good advice regarding how to treat conjunctivitis in catsIt is important to prevent our pets from biting or getting hurt with their legs, first because they would get hurt even more and secondly because they can infect their eyes even more than they already have them.

3. Hygiene: Another of the good advice that we can give you is related to the fact that we must clean or sanitize the eyes in order to eliminate the presence of the suppuration characteristic of the disease and to avoid further infection. To clean it it is necessary to use physiological serum and gauze. It is also necessary to wear gloves in order to avoid infections.

4. Camomile or rosemary: The infusions or tea bags of these plants can be ideal to put on the eyes of our pet. However, not all pets can withstand that, so you can try for inflammation to wash your eyes or put wet cloths with these herbs that can help with the inflammation and reduce it to the maximum.

5. Put a veterinary collar: This type of collars or necks are ideal to prevent our cat from hurting its eyes. At the beginning they will put a lot of resistance but as the days go by it will give in to him.

6. Feeding: another way we can treat conjunctivitis in cats It is through a healthy diet that strengthens our cat's immune system. Therefore, giving foods rich in nutrients and vitamins will allow it to heal faster and reduce the fact that it can happen again.

Do not forget that the best way to treat this disease is through prevention, so we must be very aware of our pet.

How to treat my cat's conjunctivitis is a tip for Cats, and talks about Health and Hygiene.

Care and advice to complement the treatment of feline conjunctivitis

In the case of conjunctivitis due to Feline herpesvirus, and depending on the degree of involvement of the animal, it is necessary to apply additional treatments and care, such as antibiotics or oral antivirals. Supplements like the L-lysine, which interferes with viral multiplication, appear to be useful in some cats. There are accessories such as feline omega interferon, which can improve the immune response against the virus. Anatomical alterations are usually corrected surgically, and eye disorders such as uveitis or glaucoma should be treated separately in a specific way.

Try to always finish the treatment even if you notice improvement in your cat shortly after, because when you suspend it too soon conjunctivitis could relapse orbecome resistant. Avoid medicating your cat on your own without first consulting your veterinarian, improper use of some medications could seriously damage your cat's vision.

Remember to clear secretions every day with a gauze impregnated in physiological serum, keep a Humid climate to prevent corneal desiccation, and minimize contact with other cats, especially if they are not properly vaccinated. Go to the periodic checks to check the evolution of your cat and adjust the treatment to your needs.

Prevention and natural remedies against feline conjunctivitis

To maintain good eye hygiene and prevent conjunctivitis in your cat, the ideal is to use eye cleansers and protectors Created specifically for pets, to keep the tear film, clean the eye surface, and protect the eye. You can also resort to physiological serum, or the classic infusions with chamomile, but it must be taken into account that they do not constitute a treatment by themselves once a conjunctivitis has been established, which must be treated medically.

The vaccination In cats it is very important, since we minimize the risk of contracting diseases such as feline Herpesvirus, which causes most conjunctivitis in cats. Visit your veterinarian regularly to advise you and help you keep your cat happy and in good health.