How to remove the bad smell of the cat without bathing it

One of the disadvantages of having a pet is the possibility> in summer the sale of dog shampoos doubles. Nor should we exaggerate, we must keep in mind that our pet must maintain an adequate level of sebum in its skin to protect itself from infections, so the baths must be very spaced, from two to four weeks, combining them with soft brushes, with a frequency of one to three days. It is noteworthy at this point that the humidity of the bath, despite how much we insist on drying it, remains for three days in the coat, so there is the possibility that the dog has breathing difficulties after bathing.

As for the shampoo of our pet, there is a variety as wide as for humans, We must remember that we should never apply the dog our own shampoo To avoid allergies on your skin, it is very sensitive.

One of the recommended products for our pet is Sir. Dog, Drag Pharma Odor Control, which eliminates bad odors from the dog's fur. As for the bathroom, just as we would do with a baby, let's take advantage of this obligation to strengthen ties with our pet, making it a pleasant moment. At that time, do not forget the ears must be covered with cotton and the water must be warm. The shampoo begins to be applied on the back, to continue on the legs and leave the head for the end, taking special care not to enter shampoo in the eyes. The rinse should be in depth to avoid subsequent skin problems due to the remains of the shampoo and drying will first be with a towel and then with a dryer using cold air. If we notice that after the bath the dog keeps the bad smell, we must go to a veterinarian.

Our cats also cause some "scented" problems, however, there are small tricks so that our house does not smell bad product of the urine and bowel movements of our pets. Some of them are baking soda, which can be spread from the cat's sand to the blankets or armchairs or simply placed in an open boat. Another trick is to use White vinegar, which will be applied to the sponge we use to clean the places where it has become dirty. In addition, if we can invest in it, we can also purchase veterinary products, all based on enzymes to avoid the odors of our pets. Although a multipurpose detergent diluted in water will serve us equally. As for cats, the big problem is the smell of their urine and feces. If you ever do it outside the proper place, we have to put on the place a vinyl or plastic plate. If this does not work, we must bet on baking soda and white vinegar to remove the smell and prevent it from doing so in the same place.

Why cats hate water

Maybe the word "hate" sounds a little strong, but we can't find another one that best describes your pet's feeling towards the essential liquid of life. There may be some cats that do not dislike getting under the tap, but those who do not like are able to become beasts They don't know what they do. Accidental attacks on owners have been heard for trying to escape from it.

Why it happens? Why cats hate water? Apparently, What cats hate is not being wet in themselves, but perhaps the noise that the tap can make. The problem is, according to some scientists, that cats have a very limited experience with water, and their sound, along with the feeling of being wet, is not very pleasant because of the fear of the unknown.

It is clear that if a cat puppy grows by a lake, and has no other place to go, his instinct, sooner or later, will drive him to swim in the water. Therefore, it is not that cats have an innate fear of water, but, not being accustomed to it, Trying it for the first time can become a traumatic experience.

Much of the guilt, in this sense, is ours, because we have spread and believed the myth that cats should not be bathed. And why not? Are they going to shrink? No way!

An occasional bath with the right products can prevent you from having parasites and will improve the appearance of your hair and skin. Therefore, if since you are a puppy you accustom your cat to take a bath a month, you will have a feline that will not fear water.

How to remove the bad smell of the cat without bathing it

If your pet is already an adult it will be very difficult for you to get it used to water, since, as we said in the previous paragraph, this should be a process that is part of the cat's life. Therefore, since you can no longer do so that your cat likes water, you have to learn how to remove the bad smell of the cat without bathing it.

  • Dry shampoo In stores and veterinary clinics you can find a spray with which to pulverize the feline and that acts as a dry shampoo. Be careful with your eyes and spread the product well throughout the body. The best way to do this is to brush it to drag the product throughout the area. Let it act for a few minutes, in which you will have to keep it entertained to prevent licking, then remove with a brush and then with a towel.
  • Depending on the life of your cat, it may not even be spray above mentioned necessary. If your cat is not one of those who go out for a walk on their own, a simple brushing every two or three days It will be enough to eliminate the waste that the environment may have left in your hair.
  • Clean its parts. When the cat makes his needs, there may be remains of pee or feces that give off an unpleasant smell. Clean these with a neutral pH wipe that does not damage your skin every time you have proof that it has been in the sandbox.
  • Clean the legañas. Believe it or not, the legañas that form in the eyes of the animals have an unpleasant smell. Carefully clean your cat's eyes every day, the best thing for this is a small cotton moistened with water.

You see that keeping your cat clean is not very complicated. Remember that the hygiene of your pet depends on you, because it is part of the responsibility you accepted when adopting it.


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In pet teindas there are lotions for kittens :)
and follow him bathing
I'm still bathing my cat, even though I’m grand

obvious not very often
but if the bathroom does not lose the habit hehehe

and ps to my little kitten if I bathe him more often, because his litter box leaves him 1 smell. pufff