American bulldog

In these times where the dog has become by right the best friend of man, there are a variety of breeds. Many of them are so iconic that everyone can recognize them. Today we are going to talk about one of them and that is that in this article you will see How to care for an American bulldog. We will know this breed, known for its size and ferocity, you will learn to take care of it and appreciate it by knowing it a little more. And you will discover that despite its imposing appearance, this canine is one of the most adorable.

American bulldog

The American bulldog has its origin far from what its name indicates. The English bulldog is the original and from which this breed comes when it was taken to America. Although before that he was subjected to several crosses with other races, English is his closest relative. And this during the nineteenth century served as a protective dog since despite its imposing size it is a very intelligent dog despite the fact that man used it on occasion for dog fights. Until they were banned in England. Now that you know its origin we will show you How to care for an American bulldog.

Characteristics of the American Bulldog

A male American Bulldog can measure up to 67 centimeters at the cross, while females tend to be somewhat smaller. It is a dog between medium and large, very muscular, strong and athletic. Its complexion is robust and its head wide.

The snout of the American Bullgog is broad, has powerful jaws and a powerful bite. It also has thick black lips. There are two main variants. The "Bully" type tends to have a smaller snout and weighs more than the "Standard".

Normally the truffle of dogs of this breed is also black, although there are brown and gray. Its eyes are medium in size and quite separated from each other, with a round and almond shaped shape. Normally the color of the iris is black or dark brown.

The American Bulldog is a medium-eared dog, usually fallen except when they have been mutilated. The neck of this breed is very muscular, just like its previous limbs. Your jogging can be defined as fluid and well coordinated.

As regards the loin, we can say that it is short compared to other breeds and is slightly arched with a low insertion tail, thick at the base and tipped. Finally, the American Bulldog's hair is short and white on most of his body.

American Bulldog character

The American Bulldog is a good guardian, due to his strong sense of protection and his brave and faithful character. However, if it has not been socialized correctly, it can show aggressiveness with strangers. That is why it is important that from puppies, these dogs are trained with emphasis on self-control.

This breed also has good hunting skills, with a strong impulse to prey. This can make living with other small animals and mini-sized dogs difficult. To stop these impulses, it is important to practice sports for protective dogs, such as schutzhund.

How to educate an American Bulldog

It is recommended that the person who decides to adopt an American Bulldog, understand canine psychology to understand how his behavior is. This race requires a firm and calm, experienced and knowledgeable human being.

The most recommended type of training for the American Bulldog is with clicker or positive training. Experts recommend having patience when educating him, although they highlight the intelligence of this breed, which can offer very good results in the medium and long term if you know how to drive well.

Recommended care

Ideally, the American Bulldog lives in a house with a large garden, where he can run freely. If you live in an apartment, you must have enough time to take long walks, since He is a very active dog and he needs to exercise daily.

It is also recommended to brush it about three times a week, to remove remains of dead hair, dirt and possible parasites.

As for health, the American Bulldog stands out for being one of the breeds with the least hereditary problems. Two of his most frequent conditions are tumors and hip dysplasia, which is a malformation of the coxofemoral joint that can cause pain or lameness. His life expectancy ranges from 8 to 16 years.

If you are looking for a brave dog, athletic and with character, with little predisposition to congenital diseases, the American Bulldog may be a good option. Just remember that you have to know how to educate him and work his obedience well.

Race history

The history of the American Bulldog has a lot to do with that of the English bulldog. In the nineteenth century these dogs were used in England as guardians and to guide cattle, they also helped butchers to kill cattle.

Some settlers took Bulldog dogs to North America to control and hunt large animals. It was these dogs that derived in the current American Bulldog. During World War II the race almost became extinct. However, breeders like John D. Johnson and Alan Scott managed to avoid it and recovered the breed.

Johnson developed the most robust variety, which is known as "Bully," while Scott achieved a lighter and more athletic variant, the "Standard." Nowadays it is difficult to find them in a pure state and the usual thing is that an American Bulldog is a mixture of both.