International Cat Care

Our cats can suffer a lot of diseases and we must be prepared to recognize their symptoms and act as quickly as possible. In this case we are going to talk about Tinea (dermatophytosis), this disease is caused by a fungus on the skin and hair. This disease is considered dangerous since it can be transmitted to people. It expands by means of spores that are in the hairs, these are spread by the places where the cat moves, they are deposited in the skin and germinate. This is how it extends. In addition these are very resistant and can endure alive up to two years. It is common to find cats with ringworm, especially if they have been living in the street, but if you got here because you suspect your cat may have it, don't worry, ringworm has a solution.

How it manifests ringworm in our cat: The animal scratches and bites in the affected area repeatedly, has scaled skin and drops hair in the area or throughout the body. The most common places of infection are the ears and limbs. It can also affect the nail, onychomycosis, tend to break easily, kerions, are nodules in the skin that can cause pain.

Diagnosis: Several tests are performed to detect this disease. Wood's ultraviolet lamp, the animal's hairs are illuminated and those that are affected are illuminated in fluorescent green. Microscopic examination of the infested hairs, gives a faster result than the rest of tests but the species of fungus is not detected. And finally the fungal and more common culture, as the name itself says, infested hair cultures are carried out and in the results the species of fungus that causes it is obtained, but the growth of these is very slow and they can take time to give us the results. But the absence of Positive in the test does not mean that he does not suffer the disease.

If you recognize the symptoms of ringworm in any of our cats, it is advisable to isolate it from other animals until we have a firm diagnosis and take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible to start and treat. Remember also to increase hygiene at home, especially in areas where the kitten is.